ComThings provides specialized RF trainings for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Already heard about fixed codes, rolling codes, KeeLoq, OOK or 2-FSK modulation, brute force, discreet capture, replay attack, RollJam, etc…?

If you want to learn how to bypass security of RF devices, this is the training you need. At the end of the training you will know:

  • what type of attack to use in which scenario
  • what attack is useless (or its limitation)
  • how to conduct a RF attack in multiple scenarii
  • etc…

We, at ComThings, have a strong background in reversing and hacking radio devices (gate openers, alarms, cars…). This experience has been used to develop various tools (PandwaRF Rogue & Marauder, Kaiju, …) that are used worldwide by various LEA.
Our experience in hacking such devices during a red team engagement can help you to learn effective ways of attacking various real-world products found in the market.

Content of our trainings is suitable for field or technical personal and can be customized depending on your needs.

Trainings are held in French or English, and primary training location is Nice, France. For other locations please contact us.

If you are part of a LEA, do not hesitate to contact us so we can plan your session.