Hi everybody,

We recently received the revision “E” PCBs for the new batch. The design is a little different, we added the PandwaRF logo on the back and we are really happy with the result. Okay nobody will ever see the logo as it is inside the case, unless he has the PandwaRF Bare version, but the logo is there ūüėČ

The new PCB revision also handles a bigger battery (350 mAh) which is really a great help since there are still some power management improvements (okay call them bugs) remaining in my to-do list.

Many of you asked us about this, and we have good news. The Android SDK is coming soon… You will be able to integrate our library into your own app and create awesome new use cases. If your app is great, tell us and we will integrate it inside the official PandwaRF app.

Also, as we announced, PandwaRF will no longer be available at the pre-order price.¬†On April 1 the price will increase from 145‚ā¨ to 165‚ā¨ (no, it is not a joke), so you only have a few days left to take advantage of the current price.

As a side note, we also had our first fraudulent transaction on our website, someone used a stolen credit card number to¬†place an order. We discovered it later when the bank withdrew the transaction from our account. And we also discovered that¬†the merchant is always the one who pays in the end. So we have now implemented¬†a new process to avoid such issues in the future. On the other hand,¬†someone has taken huge risks¬†to get our PandwaRF using a stolen credit card, so this guy deserves a special mention. Well done¬†Yaroslav Kapsha,¬†950 Ridge Road,¬†Unit D-20 for 39882,¬†Claymont, DE 19703,¬†United States… if that is your real name.¬†

On another subject, if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, you can now also follow PandwaRF on Facebook.

Also, please do not skip FW updates when a new Android app version is available, as the app and the FW are tightly coupled.

We will soon share a demo video showing how to brute force an alarm using 2 new PandwaRF in-app Brute Force features: frame repetition and Function Mask and Value.

Stay tuned!