Hello dear RF hackers,

we recently introduced a feature that allows better visualization and retransmission of captured data. We think you should like it 🙂

RX data chunks

The captured RX data can now be automatically split on-the-fly into smaller chunks of the same length or duration.

Thus in a captured data composed of several rolling codes, each rolling code can be automatically placed into a chunk.

All chunks can now be displayed, erased or transmitted independently of the other chunks.

The main objective is to give complete control to the user over the composition of a captured RF data frame:

  • how many codewords are sent upon each button press,
  • what is the spacing/delay between each codeword,
  • what data (ie. chunk) can be retransmitted,
  • retransmit a single codeword/rolling code at a time,

The size and number of the chunks is configurable (16 to 512 bytes).

The reason why we implemented this feature into PandwaRF is because we noticed many remotes transmit several distinct codewords ie. rolling codes for a single keypress. As a consequence, some rolling codes are wasted by the original remote, but can be used by PandwaRF. Thus there is an interest in being able to extract each rolling code independently.

The RX data chunks feature is available for PandwaRF Regular & PandwaRF Rogue, in both Synchronous Capture Mode (PandwaRF V3 & V4) & Asynchronous Capture Mode (PandwaRF V4).

Let us know if you have questions about how to use the RX chunks feature.


“Live every day like it’s your last”, Phil Connors.