ComThings is proud to announce the version 2 of the Gollum, the foundation for our commercial shared parking device: CTbee.

Gollum is a programmable RF hacking tool controlled by your smartphone.

Here is a list of some features:



  • is a programmable RF remote control,
  • is connected & programmed with your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart.
  • can control any garage door opener, roller shutter, etc…
  • allows you to save your RF devices & share control with whoever you want.
  • can sniff & display RF data from your existing remote controls,
  • can generate new codes for any existing brands and models,
  • replaces various existing remote controls from different vendors,
  • works in standalone mode (battery inside),
  • is evolutive.
  • is open hardware and open API.


Gollum features – SW

  • Device cloning by capturing existing codes
  • Fixed codes & rolling codes
  • Over The Air FW update
  • JavaScript RF scripting language on host side
  • Evolutive as new RF protocols can be added on the fly
  • RF Packet sniffer & Spectrum analyser
  • Real time data display
  • RfCat Python script support (USB version). Thanks @at1as
  • Cloud Backend for storing and sharing RF codes & protocols (optional)
  • Android and iOS SDK & demo application
  • Open API (Android/iOS/C) for USB or BLE connection


Gollum features – HW

  • Multi frequencies (from 300 MHz to 928 MHz)
  • Multi modulation (ASK/OOK/MSK/2-FSK/GFSK)
  • Transmit and receive in half duplex mode
  • Communication with host using USB (Linux or Android) or Bluetooth 4.0 (Android or iOS)
  • USB charging & battery powered
  • 4 buttons to assign codes
  • 3 Status LEDs
  • 4 Mbit embedded memory
  • Open hardware





Link to slides Gollum: One (RF) remote control to rule them all.