Hi everybody,

We are constantly working on improving PandwaRF by making it compatible with as many different devices as possible. You will soon be able to help us accomplish this, and get rewarded at the same time 🙂

You probably have at least one RF device like a gate, door or car alarm. If you also have a PandwaRF, an SDR (RTL-SDR, HackRF, BladeRF etc) or a similar device (e.g. a Yard Stick One), you will be able to participate in our device bounty!

All you’ll need to do is share your device’s RF data with us. Why?

  1. Depending on the devices you provide and their type, you will receive a discount on our website, a PandwaRF (value 160€) or even a PandwaRF Rogue Pro (value 790€).
  2. It will benefit you and all the PandwaRF users. We will do our best to integrate as many devices as possible in the PandwaRF app.
  3. It is a pretty simple task which doesn’t require a lot of time,
  4. you will also get rewarded for it.
  5. Some of the devices won’t be integrated, depending on the type of device, but in this case you will still get a reward.

Interested? Have a look at PandwaRF device bounty’s procedure.

Stay tuned!