KeeLoq remote secret key

In the process of generating the rolling codes, the secret key is used by the transmitter to generate valid rolling codes that only the receiver can decrypt.

Because the secret key is not readable and is never transmitted, there is no way for a user to build its own generation and transmission device to open its garage.

But that was before Kaiju 🙂

Starting Sept 12th, 2022, users with a Kaiju license can now display the 64-bit device’s secret key of their KeeLoq remotes (*).

This is especially useful if you want to generate your own rolling codes and use your own hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SDR, …) to transmit data.

You can also obtain this device key using Kaiju API.

*: KeeLoq Normal and KeeLoq Secure


More information about how KeeLoq device keys are generated here.