Another video showing the link between PandwaRF and Kaiju.

In this video, we use the data captured in the previous blog post as a starting point to describe the type of information you can find in your Kaiju history.

Here is a short summary of the demo:

  1. capture data from a gate opener remote control – an Allmatic keyfob, using Keeloq (cf. previous blog post)
  2. log in to Kaiju
  3. browse the History/Gate & Garage
  4. retrieve the captured data (frequency/modulation/data rate/hexadecimal data)
  5. generate new rolling codes
  6. download the new rolling codes to you PandwaRF
  7. replay generated rolling codes…
  8. …door opens. Game over!

This attack can also be done using a PandwaRF Rogue Gov.

The video can be found here.

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