You have made a pre-order for one of our products (Rogue or Marauder) based on PandwaRF v4 platform.
I would like to thank you for that & I wanted to inform you personally about the status of PandwaRF v4 production.

PandwaRF v4 production status

The production is ongoing since several months now, and we have faced many issues:
  • delays caused by Covid
  • multiple redesigns caused by components shortage
  • redesign caused by enclosure provider changing its CNC process
  • waiting queues in factories
We have made several pre-order campaigns before that and none of them caused us so much issues.
I am really sorry about these consecutive delays, and I totally understand your frustration.
Being the PandwaRF creator, I consider being able to ship what you have ordered my #1 priority.
I would be ashamed to fail, this is why this won’t happen.
But be re-assured that we didn’t stay passive during all this time and we have worked hard to improve PandwaRF & Kaiju with a ton of new features that will certainly make PandwaRF one of the best RF hacking tools.
Since January 2022, we have delivered:
  • about 54 Kaiju releases
  • more than 60 PandwaRF or Marauder Android application releases

Many of these releases are preparation of PandwaRF v4 platform support.

Good news

The good news is that all production issues have been or are currently being resolved.
So your order WILL be shipped, I am 100% confident.
Regarding the ETA, I cannot guarantee, but I expect to receive the first batch of production in July, and this will be enough to cover your pre-order.

Reward for your patience

We acknowledge this is a longer delay than what we announced (we first thought we will be complete in March/April 2022) and we would like to thank you for your patience.
We have decided to triple the duration of your Kaiju License.
So for all pre-orders, if you pre-ordered:
We hope you will find this offer fair enough to wait a little bit more until your order arrives.