The PandwaRF “Regular” and Rogue Pro User Guide is available!

The guide covers information specific to the PandwaRF “Regular” version, and PandwaRF Rogue Pro brute forcer version.
The guide includes:
  • a short tutorial for each tab of the application, which can be useful when getting started with PandwaRF.
  • Explanation of common RF parameters used for RX and TX
  • Steps for capturing RF data from a target keyfob
  • Autonomous Brute Force
  • De Bruijn Brute Force
  • Signification of the LEDs
  • and much more…
Feel free to reply to this email if you need help using your PandwaRF or if you have any other questions!

Want another User Guide?

There is also a dedicated User Guide for PandwaRF Marauder Basic/Standard/Ultimate versions.
For PandwaRF Rogue Gov User Guide: please contact us or your reseller.