Kaiju is now able to generate RF data in .sub format, compatible with Flipper Zero.

  • Click on any of your Kaiju analyzed remotes, and scroll down to the Rolling Codes section.
  • For each of the generated rolling codes, in the Conversion column you will see a Flipper Zero icon
    • If you haven’t generated any rolling code yet, click on the Generate button
  • Click on the Flipper Zero button to generate a .sub file for this rolling code
  • This will generate a file named remote_<id>_s<Sync Counter>_b<Button value>.sub
  • Save this file wherever you want and copy it to your Flipper Zero microSD card
  • In your Flipper Zero, open the Saved section of the Sub-GHz category and select the imported .sub file
  • Press Send


To learn more about how to process Flipper Zero .sub in input, see also Kaiju supports Flipper Zero Sub-GHz signal files