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PandwaRF Marauder: an entirely autonomous device, allowing a more discreet capture of RF data

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PandwaRF Marauder

Marauder has been developed for activities requiring a discreet capture of RF data. The Marauder can be set up to automatically listen and record all RF data on pre-configured frequencies and modulations. Captured data is demodulated and saved internally in the device’s internal memory. RF data can be replayed when needed. Using this option the Marauder becomes entirely autonomous. Replay can be performed by pressing a physical button on the device or using the dedicated Android application.

Variant Availability

The PandwaRF version can be purchased by anybody.

PandwaRF Marauder and PandwaRF Marauder Stealth can be purchased by anybody.

PandwaRF Marauder Stealth

Marauder Stealth is a more discreet variant of the Marauder. Its purpose is to be more discreet than the Marauder, by de-activating LEDs and Cloud connection.
ProductPandwaRFPandwaRF MarauderPandwaRF Marauder Stealth
Android AppXXX
   Autonomous: smartphone not required XX
   Not connected to Cloud  X
   RF data sharing  X
   LED deactivated  X

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