ProductPandwaRFRogue ProRogue Gov
Ideal forPublicSecurity companies, penetration testers etc.Police & law enforcement agencies. Cf notes on variant availability.
Spectrum AnalyzerXXX
JavaScript SupportXXX
RfCat SupportXXX
Advanced RX/TXXX
Max number of bytes for RX/TX5122048Infinite
Data rate10 kbits/s100 kbits/s100 kbits/s
Frame compressionXX
No delay between RF packetsXX
RF Analysis
Frequency detectionXX
Data rate computationXX
Data rate measurementXX
Auto Frequency detection before SpecAnXX
Auto Frequency detection before RXXX
Auto Data rate meas before RXXX
Device database
Rolling code support


Standard encodersXX
Home alarmsX
Brute Force
Frame repetitionXXX
Max Base444
De Bruijn attack (OpenSesame)XX
Function maskXXX
Function mask bit skipping (time optimization)XX
Zero Delay between attemptsXX
Logic symbols on multiple bytesXX
More brute force patternsXX
Split BF in several steps (saving last status)XX
Codeword support16 bits32 bits32 bits
Synchro / tail support (bytes)8/840/4040/40
Autonomous Brute Force XX
Protocols XX
Session save/session load XX
Customizable device name
Scan without Android Location permissionX
Not connected to CloudX
Function inversion (Arm <-> Disarm) X
Transferable sessions X
Technical supportXX
Price (excluding VAT)160€550€Contact us for price information

* Rogue Gov includes support for garage/gate openers rolling codes. Optional support for other systems (cars, …) can be purchased separately.