Product PandwaRF Rogue Pro Rogue Gov
Ideal for Public Security companies, penetration testers etc. Police & law enforcement agencies. Cf notes on variant availability.
Spectrum Analyzer X X X
JavaScript Support X X X
RfCat Support X X X
Advanced RX/TX X X
Max number of bytes for RX/TX 512 2048 Infinite
Data rate 10 kbits/s 100 kbits/s 100 kbits/s
Frame compression X X
No delay between RF packets X X
RF Analysis
Frequency detection X X
Data rate computation X X
Data rate measurement X X
Auto Frequency detection before SpecAn X X
Auto Frequency detection before RX X X
Auto Data rate meas before RX X X
Device database
Rolling code support


Standard encoders X X
Home alarms X
Brute Force
Frame repetition X X X
Max Base 4 4 4
De Bruijn attack (OpenSesame) X X
Function mask X X X
Function mask bit skipping (time optimization) X X
Zero Delay between attempts X X
Logic symbols on multiple bytes X X
More brute force patterns X X
Split BF in several steps (saving last status) X X
Codeword support 16 bits 32 bits 32 bits
Synchro / tail support (bytes) 8/8 40/40 40/40
Autonomous Brute Force   X X
Protocols   X X
Session save/session load   X X
Customizable device name
Scan without Android Location permission X
Not connected to Cloud X
Function inversion (Arm <-> Disarm)  X
Transferable sessions  X
Technical support X X
Price (excluding VAT) 160€ 550€ Contact us for price information

* Rogue Gov includes support for garage/gate openers rolling codes. Optional support for other systems (cars, …) can be purchased separately.