Kaiju Gate Openers Secure Decrypt – Pro License

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Add Detailed Data Analysis capacity to your Marauder or Rogue.

Allow a complete analysis of captured input data: brand, model, SN, Sync, cipher, etc…

License includes all updates for new devices for the whole duration of the registration.

License can be used with PandwaRF Marauder, Rogue or directly from Kaiju – Rolling code analyzer & generator.

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Support for FAAC/BFT/Erreka/Genius

Allows your Kaiju account to decipher transmissions from KeeLoq Secure (Seed-derived) Systems.

The KeeLoq Secure algorithm is one of the most secure systems currently used for garages and gate openers.

Once Kaiju has retrieved the learning seed, it is able to generate new valid rolling codes.

These rolling codes can be transmitted to the target receiver using a PandwaRF or any other RF transmitter.

The feature includes:

  • Complete analysis of captured input data: brand, model, SN, Sync, cipher, etc…
  • Generation of valid rolling codes

The following gate openers are currently supported:

  • BFT: Mitto, Mitto BRCB, MittoM, BRC B Clear ICE, BRC B VINEYARD, KLEIO, RB
  • Erreka: IRIS 433, IRIS 868, LIRA 433, LIRA 868, ROLLER 2, ROLLER 2 868, ROLLER 4, ROLLER 4 868, SOL433, SOL868, Vega 433, Vega 868
  • FAAC: DL 868 SLH, XT 433 SLH, XT 868 SLH, TML 433 SLH, TML 433 SLR, SLH
  • Genius/Casali: AMIGOLD, JA332 AMIGO, JA40, AMIGO, KILO, Amigo

1 Month/1 Year/2 Years/5 Years/Lifetime license.

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1 Month, 1 Year, 2 Years, 5 Years, Lifetime

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