• 1 PandwaRF Rogue Pro
  • 1 PandwaRF Marauder Standard
  • 2x Kaiju Gate Openers Pack Pro License (1Y/2Y/5Y/Perpetual)
  • 1x Kaiju Gate Openers Secure Decrypt Pro License (1Y/2Y/5Y/Perpetual)
  • 315 miniature SMA antenna
  • 433 miniature SMA antenna
  • 868-915 miniature SMA antenna
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB OTG male-male cable
  • Micro USB to USB 3.1 Type-C Adapter
  • Protective hard-case.
Note: Non-contractual picture. The antennas and USB cables might vary in number, shape and size. Note: License is activated at first connection with the PandwaRF Android app. Contact us to solve any license related issue.