6 Jul, 2018

PandwaRF Rogue Pro: Advanced Brute Forcing Now Available at a Lower Price

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Hi everybody,  We have some good news. As we are updating our product range and introducing new product versions like [...]

13 Jun, 2018

Brute Forcing a RF Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

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We just uploaded a detailed tutorial on implementing a new brute force in the PandwaRF Android application - from identifying [...]

29 May, 2018

This is how we ship your Rogue Pro

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Hi everybody,  We already talked about the shipping conditions for the PandwaRF in an older post. Some of you might [...]

27 Mar, 2018

PandwaRF is now available on Amazon

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We are happy to announce that from now on PandwaRF is also available for sale on Amazon. You can currently [...]

20 Mar, 2018

New PandwaRF batch available!

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Some more good news! We just received the revision E4 PCBs for the new PandwaRF batch. The only difference compared [...]

15 Mar, 2018

Coming soon to a PandwaRF near you: USB (Demo video)

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You may already know that PandwaRF supports USB connection to Linux using the RfCat Python script. Since a few releases we [...]

27 Feb, 2018

We are now accepting Bitcoin payments

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Good news everybody! Now you can also pay using Bitcoin for orders placed on our website. Bitcoin payments have been available [...]

11 Feb, 2018

Physical pentesting internship

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We are looking for an intern! Drop us an email at jobs@comthings.com if you are interested. Here are the specs [...]

9 Feb, 2018

Latest news – Part 2: Product updates

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Here are our latest news regarding the PandwaRF product versions. Last pieces of the current PandwaRF batch We have almost [...]

9 Feb, 2018

Latest news – Part 1: Awesome new features

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In the last few months we added some exciting new features to the PandwaRF. Here's what changed: New connection security [...]